COLLABORATION - a project by the artists of Multiple Exposures Gallery

Inspired by a post on Aline Smithson's blog, Lenscratch, the artists of Multiple Exposures Gallery decided to to use a collaborative approach to create a sequence of images, each one chosen for its relation to the previous image. The relationship could be based on composition, color, content, or any other characteristic – the choice would be up to each artist. The process would continue for an agreed upon number of rounds. The goal was to create an image series with a clear progression from one image to the next.

This collaboration allowed us to think outside of the box and to appreciate work by each other that we may not have otherwise seen. We found the experience so satisfying that we are now in the process of collaborating for a third time. The results of this collaboration will be exhibited at the gallery in December. We invite you to observe each image as it is added to the sequence and to consider what the connection to the previous image might have been.