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In 2008, on a whim, I took a contemplative photography class.  Our first assignment was to wander Cleveland Park for 3 hours and bring back 10 photographs for “show & tell”.  At the time my photographic roots lay firmly in simple, quiet black & white landscapes, and nighttime cityscapes.  Photographing a busy urban environment, mid-day no less, was well outside my comfort zone. 

For the first hour I wandered aimlessly without creating a single image.  But then suddenly images began to appear before me, sometimes faster than I could click the shutter.  Over the course of the three day class I saw, and photographed, in ways I’d never before imagined.

About this same time, I was mentally revisiting a project I’d given thought to over the years.  Back story:  In the late 90’s, Jim Brandenburg, a NGS photographer, challenged himself to make one photograph only, each day for 90 days.  The results were published in a 1998 book titled  Chasing the Light.  The images, and concept, struck a chord with me and I’d often thought of embarking on a similar project.

A few things fell into place and before I knew it I was in the midst of my own version of daily shooting, (aka “365 project”).  My first daily shooting project lasted about seven months.  Each year since I have devoted at least five, sometimes as much as ten, months a year to daily shooting (and sharing via Facebook). 

The rewards are numerous.  Yes, I make many new images that otherwise would not be made - that was to be expected.  What was not expected was the impact on my photography.  I see better.  I compose better.  I reveal more. I have more clarity.  I understand light better than I ever have.  And I am more playful, confident and creative. 

My Daily Difference portfolio includes favorites made over the years.  


Print Information

All images are original, created and printed by Colleen using strict archival processing techniques and museum quality materials during all phases of printing, mounting and framing of each image.

Photographs are offered in several sizes, from small to very large.  Prices vary depending on image size and framing option chosen.

Please contact Colleen with any questions you may have.


Colleen Spencer Henderson



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