E. E. McCollum - Cocoon

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The Cocoon Series began with my fascination for the full figure of the model encased in the body cocoon - a tube of stretchy nylon fabric.  I was initially taken with the way in which the fabric stretched across torsos and between limbs, defining the sculptural space surrounding the body.  As I worked with different models - who brought their own creativity to the work - I began to see more intimate details; an arm against a breast, the glow of diffused light in faces.  We tore the fabric, painted it, smeared mud on it.  Couples crawled in the thing.  Some images were soft and alluring while others we dark and powerful.  The fabric can blur the familiar enough to create a disturbing sense of mystery. The project has been on-going for 4 years now and I remain fascinated. 


Print Information

Prints are available in varying sizes – editions of 25

Archival inkjet prints

                  Epson K3 inkset

                  Epson Exhibition Fiber paper

Artist website: www.eemccollum.com

Contact the artist for more information: info@eemccollum.com