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About E. E. McCollum

I am a fine art photographer living and working in the Washington, DC area. I was juried into the Torpedo Factory Art Center as an Associate Artist in 2012 and joined Multiple Exposures in 2013.

My interest in photography began in undergraduate school in the early ‘70s, first in the mysteries of the darkroom and later when I had the good fortune to take a course in the history of photography with Beaumont Newhall, then at the University of New Mexico. I was always captivated by the photographic moment, how one moment can contain worlds. Largely self taught, I struggled to bring the images I envisioned into the reality of film and paper. Frustrated, I left photography behind for other pursuits.

I came back to photography almost 10 years ago, unwilling to let my desire to create images go. Whether from age or patience or growing skill, I found that satisfaction I sought years ago of bringing the vision in my mind into the print.

While not my only subject, I find myself continually drawn to the nude figure. Not only do bodies provide the richest and most challenging territory to explore light and form, they are also inhabited. For me, photographing the nude becomes a collaboration between model and photographer. I rarely pre-visualize a photograph – preferring instead to let the interaction develop, and then respond to what emerges.