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The photographs in this portfolio are the result of unplanned encounters, driven by the energy and current of the street.  In creating these images, I look first for the boundaries between darkness and illumination.  Light is most fragile at this threshold, and there imparts its greatest meaning and poignancy.  With setting established, and the moment framed in readiness, I wait for the story to arrive. 

The principal barrier to image making is our readiness to receive… to see and to be moved by the world around us.  In giving voice to our work, we give life to the images we make.  Such images well seen, provoke questions and offer a glimpse into a previously concealed world of perception and insight.

This portfolio then, is an emotional inquiry into the contemporary urban landscape… a response to the uncertainty and wariness of the city, and in those who wander cautiously through its streets.


Print Information

All images are archival pigment prints on museum quality archival 100% cotton fiber rag.

Images are approximately 13” x 19” (matted to 20” x 24”) and printed in a limited edition of 15 plus 4 Artist’s Proofs.

Larger size limited edition prints are available upon request.


Fred Zafran Photography

Leesburg, VA



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7 and H Streets NW

7 and H Streets NW