PHOTO '17 is now on exhibit

Multiple Exposures Gallery is pleased to announce that juror Molly Roberts, Senior Photography Editor for National Geographic, has made her selections for Photo '17, a national exhibition of fine art photography. Congratulations to the 31 photographers whose work was selected from a strong group of compelling entries!

The show will be on display from October 17, 2017 - November 26, 2017 at Multiple Exposures Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, Virginia.  An awards and opening reception will take place on October 22, 2017, from 2pm-4pm, featuring a juror’s talk by Ms. Roberts.

Exhibit Dates:  October 17 - November 26, 2017

Artist Reception, Juror's Talk & Award Presentation:  October 22, 2-4pm

Selected Artists

Dillon Bryant, James Crowley, Ron Evans, Nicholas Fedak II, David Gardner, Jennifer Gleason, Lynda Gonzalez, Paul Greenberg, Stephen Greenberg, Wenjie Han, Kristen Harner, Kate Pollard Hoffman, Janet Holmes, Ben Hoste, Daniel Karlko, Karen Klinedinst, Steve Knight, Lindsey Max, Pete McCutchen, Lacey Monroe, Rebecca Moseman, Allen Neyman, Lori Pond, Betty Press, Thomas Roberts, Gabrielle Robinson, Joanne Rojcewicz, Meryl Silver, Tabitha Timm, Carrie Tomberlin, Sandra Chen Weinstein

Award Winners

Juror's Award: Allen E. Neyman - Starry Night

Gallery Award: Sandra Chen Weinstein - Anna

Juror’s statement:

Both timeless and timely, a strong photograph asks us to look intently, around and within ourselves. For a medium essentially about light, it's a disconcerting truth that many compelling images are often cloaked in darkness. In this selection of work, certainly a darkness and at times an ominousness is felt pressing in from the edges, or showing up in the shadows.
Do we live in dark times? Clearly some people would agree. A world of violence and discouragement can be found by those who are inclined to look for it. Sometimes the tenor of the times casts its spell. Some artists rail against the darkness and look for evidence of an emerging light, a potential hopefulness, a bright lining.
Others might immerse themselves in the shadows, plumb the depths, just how dark can it get?

 Whether documented or constructed the artist makes a choice; where the lens is trained, where the focus is centered, how the frame is constructed, when the shutter is set. A fleeting moment is struck in stone, or in this case, pixels or silver. A moment is memorialized and given life as a new form, a work of authorship. Something taken from the real world and transformed into another medium, a solid representation of what was worth keeping from that visual experience. I saw this, I had this experience, or idea, or thought, or respite of humor, or painful memory, or reaction, or endless possibility. I don’t think it’s unusual for a photographer to consider photography as not just something they do often, but as a way that they live in the world, and a way that they make sense of their experiences.

Susan Sontag said “to take a photograph is to participate in another person's mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time's relentless melt.”

The scientific tone of Sontag’s observation is powerful, seems irrefutable. It’s true, we are all walking slowly, or less slowly to an inevitable end to our stories. Similarly, these moments hold us in their power to express a quiet truth. A poet pens a poem to make these moment last, an artist creates a visual elegy.

Molly Roberts
August 1, 2017



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