Soomin Ham - Back to Heaven

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“Back to Heaven” from “Sound of Butterfly” 

“Sound of Butterfly” presents an experimental, yet personal approach to understanding and interpreting memories and loss. “Sound of Butterfly” reflects on journey of the artist’s mother through life, depression, and death, and is presented in two series “Back to Heaven” and “Frozen Moments” 

“Back to Heaven” offers the soft, blurry images of old photographs of Ham’s mother. Selected from her family albums, the pictures are re-photographed, and printed on rice paper.  The rice-paper prints are stored in water for a period, then washed and dried repeatedly until the images grow dim.  The artist then placed these prints outside during snowfall; they are re-photographed as the images just begin to disappear under fallen snow.  The whole process helps Ham understand a cycle of life and fading memory. 


Print Information

Medium: archival pigment print  

Size: 13”x19" 

Year: 2016, 2014 

Limited edition  


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